Merch is here!

Official Pride’s Purge merch is available for pre-order. Head over to to get some! Some of you may remember I did a soft release last year, and it took a while to get the website and store up and running. Featuring a rad custom design by Peter Simon, check him out @premoisten on IG. Three lampreys on a black shield, based on the Pride family coat of arms. Price is $25 for the shirts and $50 for the hoodies plus shipping and handling. Proceeds will go toward production costs for the documentary. Message if interested!

T-shirts and hoodies come in S/M/L/XL, and XXL

Special thanks again to Peter Simon for putting the design together and for staying up late with me looking at pictures of lampreys. The t-shirts have an authentic woodcut feel, and Scott at Black Collar Screen Printing did a great job bringing it to life.

I am no expert in heraldry, but apparently the Pride family coat of arms was stricken from the record books after the Stuart Restoration in 1660. Thomas was known as one of the “Regicides”— a word for those who personally signed the death warrant of Charles I. Coincidentally, the lamprey is anecdotally known as the “king-killer” fish, as King Henry I was said to have died from eating a “surfeit of lampreys”.

Stay tuned for updates on official Pride’s Purge merchandise, as there will be more on the way in the coming months!

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